Facing the Facts

September 16, 2009 | NeW Staff

In NeW, we often read books about the negative effects of the campus hookup culture. We discuss the consequences that the sexually liberated woman faces as a result of her personal choices. Okay, so what? We hear about this in college, but for so many women, college is the time to have fun, live life, and forget about the significant things until later in life. If only it were that easy to “put off” worrying about your future. Let’s face it: The decisions we are making today directly affect our futures as young women. Women need to be prepared for the long road ahead if they do haphazardly engage in the campus hookup culture and embrace feminist doctrines.

In a recent Townhall column, Janice Shaw Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, exposed just how cold and hard the facts are about the results of the sexual liberation movement for women. Why do women of NeW continually work to expose the problems of feminism and challenge the perverse hookup culture? Is it just so we can be different or hear ourselves talk? Not in the slightest. Read on…

Crouse discusses the “decline in female happiness” as reported by leading economists. She reports that over the years, women have actually become less happy despite so many gains made for women economically and politically. Crouse describes what Dr. Phil calls the increasing number of “sexless marriages” between men and women. To discover why this has become all too true for many married couples, we must look at what the current culture is teaching and how feminist doctrine pervades American society, affecting not only women, but men and children.

Most chilling is her use of Mary Eberstadt’s article, “What Does Woman Want? The War Between the Sexless,” to illustrate her main points. Eberstadt writes,

“Perhaps some of the modern misery of which so many women today authentically speak is springing not from a sexual desert but from a sexual flood. Between bad ideas of gender neutrality and even worse ideas about the innocence of pornography, we reach the world … where men act like stereotypical women, and retreat from a real marriage into a fantasy life via pornography … and where women conversely act like stereotypical men, taking the lead in leaving their marriages and firing angry charges on the way, out of frustration and withheld sex.”

Wow. How do we stop this trend? NeW is working hard right now, as we recognize just how grave the consequences of this sexually liberated mentality are for both women and men. Our goal is not just to educate women in college but to provide them something valuable to take with them beyond their four years in the academic setting. NeW remains dedicated to providing and equipping young women with the knowledge that living without consideration of the future is not only foolish but it’s downright dangerous.

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