Employers Providing New Benefit–Freezing Eggs

October 15, 2014 | Karin




Apple and Facebook are offering a new perk for employees—they will pay for employees to freeze their eggs. This is no cheap endeavor. They will cover costs up to $20,000. According to NBC News, these are the first major employers to offer this benefit for non-medical reasons.

Note that Apple and Facebook are private companies offering a financially generous incentive to assist women at the workplace. Not the government.

When I speak on campus, students often advocate for government intervention to help women in the workplace. There are a lot of companies taking big steps to assist female employees without government mandates. This is a good example.

This announcement of course raises lots of questions as well. For example, Christy Jones, founder of Extend Fertility, a company in the egg freezing business, is quoted in the article as saying this benefit, “can help women be more productive human beings.” There is more to life than being productive human beings. And freezing eggs doesn’t provide a quick fix cure to all fertility issues.

What do you think of companies offering this benefit for women?

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