Drama Drama Drama

March 19, 2009 | NeW Staff

After reading through all the back and forth between
conservative women in the previous posts, I am a bit concerned. First
of all,
it seems a pity that in a moment where conservatives really need to
evaluate and reinforce their base, petty things such as weight are
actually diverting energy. Why would someone even need to go there? I
suppose in the case of Laura Ingraham it is for entertainment value. I
would just have hoped that these “accomplished conservative women” (as
Loren referred to them) would be above this sort of cheap shot.

addition, this controversy makes me wonder
what it means to be a “public” member of a party. What I mean is if you
are a public figure and you “come
out” as a conservative or even as a Republican, you’re up for a whole
lot of
scrutiny. Apparently, the criticisms come not only from liberals but
even more strongly from other conservatives. On one hand this is
good. We’ve seen many times how “moderates” parading about as
“compassionate conservatives” have inhibited the real interests of the
Right. It is very important to understand and adhere to the ideology
of your constituents, as to represent them well. How intensely does this
extend to public figures, such as Megan McCain, whom no one voted to
represent them? The values of a specific party are important, but one
doesn’t want to blindly follow the dogma of the party. When you
announce yourself as a member of a certain party, how much room is
there to publicly criticize it?

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