Dissent From Feminism Sparks Outrage

February 2, 2016 | Taylor McCarty

After announcing their event with Sabrina Schaeffer, NeW at American University faced liberal backslash on social media from fellow students. Read this statement from Chapter President, Krista Chavez.

The Network of enlightened Women at American University (NeW at AU) seeks to promote a welcoming community of women who speak freely and openly about their beliefs to empower each other. This includes learning about conservative ideas.

For the 2015-2016 school year, this has been our motto that our Executive Board preached to potential members, current members, and other at involvement fairs, meetings, events, and tabling. I am very proud of this message that encourages free speech, intellectual diversity, and empowerment for women of all political beliefs.

The rhetoric that emerged recently regarding our event to host Sabrina Schaeffer, Director of the Independent Women’s Forum, with the Kennedy Political Union sparked a series of social media posts by students who disagree with our message, suggesting that our group is anti-woman.

These attacks are absolutely erroneous. The idea of conservative being pro-woman is certainly not “oxymoronic.” Identifying as a conservative does not make us “brainwashed” or “content with inequality.” It actually means that we have considered both sides of the issues, analyzed the arguments, and come to different conclusions that may not identify with modern liberalism or liberal feminism.

We do not choose this path because it is “convenient.” To dissent from pressure to conform to a certain ideology is difficult and why we exist as an organization. We uplift each other and debate in an environment where we do not insult or undermine each other.

Within our group at AU, we have a wide range of members who identify with all different sides of the political spectrum such as conservative, liberal, and libertarian. We all have different beliefs, but we do not attack the intelligence of others. Rather, we debate the actual issues with facts and research to support our arguments.

We are bringing in Schaeffer in February to speak from a different position than what is usually touted on college campuses. There is nothing wrong with hearing a different point of view, and we hope that all critics and supporters will join us to create a constructive discussion about feminism

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