Disaster Dates: Just Leave!

March 28, 2011 | Danelle

I am on my Spring break, and with not much to do, I found myself flipping through TV channels looking for something interesting to watch. I came across a show called “Disaster Date” on MTV. The title sparked my interest because I have had one or two disaster dates and so have many of my friends.

The show has an “accomplice” – usually a friend or sibling of someone who set them up on a bad date or did something that needs avenged. The unsuspecting person goes on a blind date with an actor whose personality purposefully encompasses negative qualities that they would hate. At the end of the show, the actor reveals his or her identity with MTV and the friend or sibling reveals themselves as the culprit. The person on the date also gets paid according to how long he or she stays on the date.

The show is very funny, but it there were two things that struck me as odd. First is that the person gets a reward of money for getting through the awful date. Also, out of the 4 episodes I watched, the women who had to go on the blind date with a guy who encompassed their dislikes (usually things like rude behavior, obsessed with sex, or pushiness) actually lasted longer compared to guys who went on blind dates.

Why did the girls put up with behavior they outwardly did not like? Part of it is the set up of the show: It’s a blind date and it is shocking to see your date acting outrageously. Women usually act more empathetic in these cases. However I also believe that in today’s society, women let men “get away” with more things.

I have a few theories for why women let men off easy, but I will share those in my next post. Keep an eye out for it. For now, let me make one point.

If you are on a date where a man is not treating you as you deserve, leave. It’s time women stand up and stop tolerating rude behavior from men. As I said in my last post, we cannot excuse this anti-gentlemanly behavior, and if we do, we are setting a dangerous precedent for the dating arena – which in many ways has already been set. The hook-up culture is a clear example.

The more women give in to men’s desires and give up their own needs, the fewer gentlemen there will be in this world. Dating is something that is based on equality, or at least should be; not entertaining your date.  Furthermore, women in the past were treated with respect because they demanded it. I hope that all you ladies do the same, and I hope I see more episodes of “Disaster Date” where women do not tolerate disrespectful behavior.

Demand respect, ladies.

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