Dear Noranc

January 13, 2010 | NeW Staff

Navigating through the world of modern feminist deception, misinterpretation and fraud is tricky but not impossible. I threw around their key words—“choice”, “victim” and “sexism”— in the minors for awhile but never went pro. In an effort to respond to Noranc at Skirt!’s comments about a recent article featuring NeW here are my thoughts, take them or leave them.

Modern feminism, in many ways, does not recognize motherhood as a suitable option for adding value to society. A few years ago I found myself in a conversation with a few feminist friends about motherhood, work and striking a balance between the two driving forces. I noticed how quickly I began defending myself against their antagonism about my decision to be a mother one day. My feminist friends begged me to consider the amount of work I was putting into my college education and how choosing motherhood is actually a step backward, not forward. I begged to differ and for feminists- not just my friends- this is a problem. So, yes, I would say that modern feminism devalues motherhood. Modern feminism does not place any value on a woman ACTUALLY choosing motherhood; modern feminists just want women to think they can choose it.

Men and women should be guaranteed equal opportunity with regards to choice. That does not, however, equate to equal outcome of that opportunity. What happens many times is modern feminists raise the yellow flag of “inequality” when there are not enough women filling out sport’s rosters or job titles. While there is no room for gender discrimination in today’s society, blaming failed outcomes on a lack of opportunity in the first place is unproductive and inacceptable.

Women should have the choice to pursue any option in life that is best for their life. But what happens all too often is that choice becomes synonymous with entitlement. Because women were once devalued in society, feminists are wreaking havoc on hundreds of years of actual inequality. While I happily celebrate the advances made by first wave feminists (read: right to vote, equal pay), today’s unique brand of modern feminism has completely abandoned all original goals. For modern feminists today, its equality of outcome or bust.

To Skirt! and all other modern feminists out there in the blogosphere. This is an open challenge to each of you to think hard about the many advances that women have made today and when something seems to be “unequal” look to see if it is really inequality or something else- like fewer women want to play that sport, fill that job or be that person than you think.


Real woman who values women AND men

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