Countdown to the Anniversary: Why I am a NeW Woman by Caroline Emberton

September 26, 2012 | Guest

NeW women are extraordinary. At every NeW event I have been to, I have been surrounded by sharp, classy and well-informed ladies who are leaders at their universities. NeW stands out as a beacon of light on college campuses by encouraging conservative women to embrace their values. I greatly appreciate how NeW not only provides college women with tools to be leaders themselves, but also provides them with opportunities to hear from some of the brightest conservative women of our time.

I am a NeW woman because I believe in NeW’s mission. NeW not only empowers women through education and leadership, it provides  an enlightening approach to feminism. Rather than taking the victim approach, NeW women embrace the freedoms that they have today to be leaders on their campuses and in their careers. However, NeW women do not just settle with the state of society. Rather, NeW women encourage  debate and discussion of issues that women face in society, and bring forth innovative solutions and ideas to make not only college but society a better place. NeW women bring these ideas back to their campuses to make an impact. NeW women put their words into action. It is so encouraging to meet and learn from so many incredible women who have conservative values, and truly promote female dignity.

I never imagined how much I would gain as a NeW leader at Cornell. I am so grateful to NeW women and leaders for starting this movement, and establishing a network for women on over twenty campuses. NeW is the defining experience of my time at Cornell.

Caroline Emberton is a junior at Cornell University. She also designed the NeW Anniversary logo, seen above.

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