Conservative Woman’s Guide to the Election: Hillary’s Women

August 28, 2008 | NeW Staff

At the Democratic Convention this week, the media has highlighted the faction within the Democratic party made up of Hillary supporters who have decided to vote for McCain.  I wondered–do they really exist?  I figured the media might be exaggerating this group.  I found this website,, that purports to be a clearinghouse for this exact group of Democratic discontents.

On the website, there is an “Open Letter to JustSayNoDealers,”

One section reads,

“I salute all of you foot soldiers from different grassroots organizations. The ‘Just Say No Deal’ clearing house has become a refuge for many — a place to go to soothe the wounds that DNC, Democratic Party leaders, corporate media have inflicted on our souls. The media bias, the intimidation, the caucus fraud, and the brain washing of masses perpetuated by candidates or political parties who have tons of cash have been the norm and not the exception. The exception in 2008, however, is passionate, dedicated, and technologically savvy individuals who recognized this was too personal and decided not to stand down – not to ‘fall in line.’

I visit each website on Just Say No Deal frequently, read, check for updates and listen to your voices on NO We Won’t radio and have to say again I salute you. I hope you do not give into intimidation or persuasion and remain committed to the cause. This movement is no longer invisible and with that there will be effort to divide you and concur. I hope, for the sake of all the people you have energized, you stay unified with a single voice and a single purpose of undoing the wrong. Let’s say ‘NO DEAL!’ with our votes in November and make sure the candidate who is not qualified will not be the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2009.

Long live the movement.”

The website includes a list of affiliated websites, which promote a similar message.

It is difficult to really tell how strong this movement is.  Usually supporters of presidential candidates who lose in the primary rally around the eventual party candidate.  What is different this time?  I think Susan Faludi diagnoses the problem from a feminist prospective in her New York Times piece with clarity as she places the frustration these women feel in its larger historical context.  It is not just about this moment, but about a long history of telling women to “wait” for their turn.  This seems to me to be the most logical explanation for these Hillary warriors.

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