Conservative University Series Features Karin Agness

July 30, 2014 | Gabriella Mahan


We are pleased to announce a new online course, Sex, Lies and Women’s Studies, in partnership with Accuracy in Academia and the Independent Women’s Forum. Launched at the NeW National Conference this summer, this is a free online course composed of six 10-minute classes. Karin Agness, NeW Founder, was pleased to kick off Conservative University’s first class with: Deconstructing “Modern Feminism.” This course is an alternative resource for college students and covers a range of topics such as campus feminism, pay equality, healthcare freedom, and the so-called “War on Women.” Check out short summaries of the six classes below!

Deconstructing Women’s Studies

Karin Agness: Founder and President of the Network of Enlightened Women



Karin Agness begins the course with- Deconstructing “Modern Feminism”- taking on the so-called “War on Women,” liberal feminism, and exposing misinformation taught in women’s studies programs on college campuses across the country. Watch.



Deconstructing Modern Feminism

Star Parker: President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)


Snip20140728_3In her segment, Star Parker uncovers the truth behind the left’s “war on poverty” that seeks to attack religion, marriage, and families. The left has waged its own war on American institutions, each of which has weakened society and led to an abundance of poverty, welfare, and entitlement programs, hurting the very people the left claims to champion. Watch.


Deconstructing Pay Inequality

Diana Furchgott-Roth: Director of Economics21 and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute


Snip20140728_5Diana Furchtgott-Roth discusses the myths and realities surrounding the gender pay gap, often represented by the 77% statistic. The truth about the pay gap lies within the individual choices of men and women in terms of workplace flexibility, not on discriminatory policies that harm women in the workplace. Watch.


Obamacare vs. Women

Hadley Heath Manning: Director of Health Policy at the Independent Women’s Forum


Snip20140728_6Hadley Heath Manning discusses the false perception that women focus solely on free contraceptives and birth control. According to Manning, women care about accessible and affordable health care. Obamacare has caused premiums to skyrocket and costs to increase, leaving a negative impact on women across America looking for healthcare coverage. Watch.


Reforming Feminism

Mona Charen: Syndicated columnist and Author


Snip20140728_7Mona Charen offers her perspective on the liberal feminist distortion of gender roles, and the role this has played in diminishing the value of women in American society. The inherent differences between the sexes and their roles in society require a reformed feminism.  Watch.



Getting Active on Campus

Kate Obenshain: Author and Political Commentator



Kate Obenshain concludes the course by offering an alternative path for college women who are interested in championing freedom and combating modern feminism. There are so many great opportunities for women! Watch.



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