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November 12, 2009 | NeW Staff

Ever feel alone on your campus?  Wonder if you’re the only conservative?  Well, you’re not and you join the ranks of so many others who want conservative principles to spread and spread widely.  

Below is a copy of a speech that should encourage you to keep fighting; you are not alone. There is a bright future for young conservatives, and we need to work together.  This speech was given by Jessica Custer, NeW’s North Carolina State Chair and Policy Analyst at the Civitas Institute in North Carolina, to a group of students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  

For over fifty years the conservative movement has made waves in Washington and changed the terms of debate within American politics by articulating a clear and compelling vision for limiting U.S. government and valuing civic culture.

Today, it seems American freedom and liberty is in question both here at home in North Carolina and in our nation’s capital.

Concerned voters and active leaders continue to ask, what is next? Where does the conservative movement go from here?

How do we re-message our movement and make it applicable to today’s youth?

For us, we fall under that exact category of the actors that will actually make something happen.We are the youth that can bring the conservative party back to principled free market economics and demand a decrease amount of government intervention in our daily lives.

We saw the greatest example of the power of 30 and under’s this past election.

The Obama campaign targeted the 30 and under age group with text messaging, new social media, and the Internet.

And the result: a sophisticated campaign that worked.

Not because of ideology but because of availability and approachability.

Liberals now believe they control the 30 and unders.

While the liberal agenda may target youth, they do not speak for us. Liberal ideology does not have our best interest in mind and ignores the needs of our generation completely.  

This is where we go from here.

Conservatives need to reconnect with our messaging and then actually get it out there.

I saw this played out last week when speaking with a woman in Macys.

She told me her story about how she no longer considered herself liberal after 20 years of devotion. She then told me that she never knew conservatives were pro-life.


I was shocked.

My first thought is that this lady clearly has never watched the news and must be living under a rock.

And then I caught myself doing exactly what conservatives have done the past 8 years-blamed someone else.

If we are really a party of social, fiscal and family responsibility, then we need to start taking responsibility for our platform and actually get it out there.

Tell people what we believe, why we believe it and let the facts speak for themselves and people will change, they will find truth and we can take back the conservative movement.

You all are doing this or you would not be here on a Saturday morning, I know that, but what I don’t know is why there aren’t more of us?

 In this age group?

With this vision for a better society?

We need to stop blaming the American populate for our problems. Yes some are uneducated and uninformed but that does not mean we should not take ownership over our party’s message and make it known.

Civitas can help you do this with our Campaign Management School. The school will help you learn how to manage a successful political campaign and how you can leverage your insight as the new face of the conservative movement and be an asset to the team.

If you are a woman and concerned about the current culture of your college campus and want to surround yourself with women who embrace femininity and are reclaiming what it means to be a woman and what it means to be happy, then Civitas’s partnership with the Network of Enlightened Women is for you.

NeW is a network of culturally conservative woman who are demanding change on college campuses and wanting to see this next generation of college woman embrace male/female gender roles and take back the woman’s vote for the conservative movement.

This is not the time to wonder, it is no longer the time to question.

This is the time to actually do something.

To get involved with campaigns, to write to your legislator, to show the conservative movement that 30 and unders have a voice and this voice is educated, informed and a principled conservative.

I hope you will leave here today better motivated to go out and speak up. So next time I find myself in a conversation with a woman in a department store she won’t tell me she wished she knew sooner what the conservative movement stood for, she will instead tell me that her 22 year old daughter told her about what it means to be conservative and showed her why it is so important to support liberty, fiscal responsibility and limited government involvement.


Well said, Jessica!
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