Congratulations Caroline!

October 28, 2013 | Alyssa Condrey

NeW would like to take this opportunity to recognize one of our chapter leaders, Caroline Emberton, a senior at Cornell University. Last Thursday evening, Caroline was honored with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s (ISI) Preston A. Wells Jr. Leadership Award*. This prestigious award is granted by ISI to three top conservative student leaders across the country. NeW is so proud of Caroline and all of her accomplishments! She has excelled as a NeW leader, founding the NeW chapter at Cornell and organizing campus events. We asked Caroline to share about her experience with NeW. You can read her answers below. Congratulations Caroline!

Caroline and Karin

Karin (left) and Caroline (right) at the ISI awards banquet.

Q: How did you first hear about NeW?

My freshman year I read about Karin Agness and her work with NeW and was so inspired by Karin’s effort to promote a refreshing perspective on feminism.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you became involved in NeW?

I am a current senior at Cornell University and am from Washington State. I am the co-founder of Cornell’s NeW chapter and served as president for two years. I became involved in NeW because I saw that NeW is an organization that both celebrates female achievement and promotes the dignity of women. NeW provides a unique perspective to feminism that truly empowers women by promoting conservative values.

Q: Why did you feel a need for NeW on your campus?

I started Cornell’s NeW chapter because I thought NeW would add diversity and provide a valuable contribution and voice to the community of women’s groups on campus. Our aim is to find common ground, yet provide an alternative to some of the aspects of feminism that we find less empowering to women. The NeW chapter at Cornell has had the opportunity to foster debate and discussion by bringing speakers to campus and collaborating with other women’s groups at Cornell.

Q: How do you benefit from being a part of NeW?

Over the past three years, I have learned so much from my time as a leader of NeW and have gained so much from attending NeW events. NeW brings together an incredibly accomplished group of women who aim to make their campuses a better place. I am so inspired by NeW women. Additionally, NeW opened up so many unique opportunities for me. I had the chance to attend conferences, speak on the radio, meet incredible conservative female leaders, and build so many friendships with women from all around the country.

Q: How has NeW helped you develop professionally?

While serving as the president of Cornell’s NeW chapter, I gained invaluable experience planning guest speaker events, fundraising, advertising, and coordinating budgets and honorariums. In addition, I learned so much about leadership and working with teams to get the job done. I have applied such skills to internships and other leadership opportunities.

Q: Were you surprised to be nominated for this award? 

I was surprised and very excited to be nominated for ISI’s Preston A. Wells Jr. Leadership Award. I am so honored to receive this award and see this as an opportunity to share about NeW’s impact in my life.


Caroline receiving her award at the ISI awards banquet.

*A devoted ISI supporter and trustee, Preston A. Wells Jr. (1923-2003) served his country in the United States Marine Corps in World War II, fighting valiantly at Iwo Jima. As manager of engineering and production for Quaker Oats and cofounder of the Las Olas Company of Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Wells was an exemplary businessman whose prosperity never surpassed his virtue. The Wells Leadership Award honors students who have displayed exceptional dedication to sharing the ISI mission with others. Recipients of the award capture the entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual and patriotic clarity that defined Mr. Wells and continue to define ISI’s influence on American college campuses.

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