Childless in NYC

August 5, 2011 | Sarah

Earlier this week The New York Post had an article on women who choose to forego having children, citing various reasons such as conflicting lifestyles, no time, and selfishness.  Childless, or “childfree” women are especially concentrated in New York City, where many hard-working, fast paced women do not think children can fit into their life. One woman in Brooklyn sums it up:

Motherhood is utterly at odds with everything I want from life.

As one of the childless women living in New York City, there’s many things I both agree and disagree with in this article. Certainly with my busy schedule with NeW, friends and family, and many other activities, having a child to raise in the middle of all that seems impossible. Yet I have friends who are doing it, with grace and ease. Another issue the article doesn’t address is the potential lack of suitable partners to raise children. As we’ve covered here before, the increased presences of pre-adulthood men has led many women without the option of children.


As we go into the weekend, what do you think about this article? Are they correct? Are they missing the point? Do you think some women just aren’t meant to be mothers?

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