Checkmate, Feminists.

July 28, 2011 | Danelle

When explaining what type of young ladies are involved with NeW, I always use two words: driven and poised. Regardless of whether NeW ladies choose family, career, or both, I think it is clear that conservative women have a certain personality to them that (bitter) feminists lack.

In quite of a few of my posts, I have discussed how Third Wave Feminism has helped create the Anti–Lady. A lady who cusses like an uncouth man, carries herself like “one of the guys,” and thinks that being as aggressive as a “macho male” will take her farther than being herself.

A recent study published in the Journal of Occupational Psychology by Olivia O’Neill from George Mason University and Charles O’Reilly from Stanford University, states that:

…female pushy hard-drivers are seen as not behaving in a traditionally feminine way. So even though they are seen as competent, they are also perceived as less likeable, and hired and promoted less frequently. (from Huffington Post)

This “pushy” female is similar to the Anti-Lady in that she believes acting aggressively (like her perception of how men act) is the ticket to getting promoted. However, the study says that “self-monitoring” women – women who are assertive and confident, yet know when to act in certain situations are actually the ones more likely to get promoted.

I always preach in my posts that women should not have to act like men – especially Anti-Gentlemen – in order to get far in life (though much of our media says to do just the opposite). This study proves that acting like someone you are not does not get you promotions and does not make you likeable by any means. It is as simple as that.

NeW ladies know this already. We are driven, meaning we are confident as females that we can do anything we choose and we are assertive about it. We are also poised, meaning we are, well, likeable. Being well-mannered or poised is not about conforming, it is about understanding what to do in social situations, i.e. how to act around people civilly. In other words, conservative women – NeW ladies – are “self-monitoring” women. Assertive, yet considerate. Lucky for us, those are the traits that get more promotions according to the study and make people more successful in life overall according to simple logic. Acting bitter and “macho”  like radical feminists advocate does the opposite. I would even bet the same is true for men (Anti-Gentlemen) who act this way, too, but that is for another post.

In sum, it turns out that radical feminists do not even have the right idea within the workplace – a domain they say they dominate. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think we are beating feminists at what they claim to be their game. Checkmate.

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