Chapter Two: Feminism…What Bunk!

February 13, 2012 | Stephanie

Chapter Two of “The Flipside of Feminism” does some heavy lifting. It reveals Betty Friedan’s Marxist politics and insatiable craving for validation, recounts the decade long political war over the Equal Rights Amendment, and exposes feminism’s fraudulent claims that real women simultaneously pursue demanding careers and raise their kids. It was refreshing to hear authors with well-documented evidence say what I always thought–that feminism is absurd!

With clear, logical arguments and a common sense approach, Mrs. Venker and Mrs. Schlafly debunk feminism’s house of cards, beginning with feminist kingpin Betty Friedan. A Marxist activist, Friedan used her abusive marriage and personal discontent to manufacture a societal problem.

“Knowing she couldn’t appeal to women by defending Marxism, Freidan took advantage of something to which she knew women could relate: the mental and physical drain of raising young children…Friedan craved validation, and was unable to give freely without expecting or needing something in return. She couldn’t understand how other women, other people, could get satisfaction from sacrifice” (pg. 29).

Friedan was obsessed with herself and her needs, a prime tenet of feminism. As Mrs. Venker and Mrs. Schlafly point out,

“Feminism is…about helping inherently insecure women feel better about themselves” (pg. 31).

Rather than get personal help, feminists flip their problems around and blame society, rearranging the world to bolster their fragility. All in all, it’s a pretty good con, but nature is not on their side. Feminists become positively rabid when studies prove what we all know to be true–that there are innate differences between men and women, that most women want to stay home and raise their children, and that children are better off when they do.

American women know this, but have bought into the fallacy of feminism and are now supremely confused. Feminism has not been good for America. It has made women miserable and eroded the very foundations of our society. But Mrs. Schlafly showed with her victory over the ERA that when smart, conservative women who know the truth speak out, change happens, and we can make change happen too.

Join next week as for the chapter three review and the truth about sex and heartache.

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