Chapter Spotlight: Grove City College

October 20, 2017 | NeW

GCC Members Alexis Pavinlich, Ashley Winters, Lindsey Schulenburg, and Hannah Schuller give us an inside look into NeW at GCC

What does it mean to be a conservative?

AP: To me, being a conservative means participating in politics in a way that respects God’s Word and glorifies His name.

AW – Conservativism is trying to preserve the morals and values of the founding fathers: small government and a prosperous free market.

LS: Being a conservative means promoting limited government, our God-given natural rights, and traditional American values. It means standing up for what you believe is right despite popular opinion and criticism.

HS: I think that conservatives promote limited government in line with what the Founding Fathers envisioned when the Constitution was composed. Being a conservative means making responsible decisions within government and encouraging individual citizens to help their neighbors and fellow American citizens so that the government does not need to step in in every situation.

What kind of impact has your chapter had on your campus?

 AP: – Our chapter of NeW has helped get women on campus excited to discuss politics. NeW provides a safe forum for discussion, where tentative students know they can ask questions without fear of judgement.

AW: Our chapter has allowed women on campus to get together and enjoy chatting about politics and views. Even though we could do that anytime, it has brought a new sense of closeness between our tight knit members.

LS: Our chapter gives girls the opportunity to get together to discuss important issues and current events in a comfortable setting.

HS: Our chapter has provided a relaxed atmosphere where girls can spend time together asking questions about current events in addition to sharing their point of view with other girls who truly want to listen and learn more. We have had some really great discussions so far!

 What book is your chapter reading this semester? Why did you choose it?

 HA: We actually choose to focus on current events and issues in the news this semester as opposed to reading a book. We’ve had really great discussions about topics such as down syndrome abortions in Iceland, Google paying women less, and the North Korean nuclear crisis.

 What advice would you give someone who wants to start a chapter?

AP: My advice would be to think big but appreciate small. Even if just a few girls show up to meetings, the discussion and fellowship that occurs makes a difference.

AW – Starting a chapter is completely worth it! It can be as laid back or regular as you make it out to be. You will find that there are women on campus that have been looking for an outlet and NeW is just what they are looking for. You always need a group of females that can support you, especially when conservatives are rare on college campuses.

LS: Go for it! If you are passionate about conservative values, it’s a great way to promote those values and hear from other girls with similar or different views.

HS: – I would say go for it. You might be surprised at how many other girls are looking for an opportunity to learn more about politics! Many people want to know more about what’s going on in our country and the world.

What does NeW means to you?

 AP: To me, NeW represents curiosity. NeW allows women to engage in discussion and seek knowledge about the world around them. In order to better help our neighbors, we can first seek to understand the problems they are facing

AW: NeW was a great opportunity to get involved with politics like I had been wanting. It is one thing to read the news and put it in the back of your mind, but it is very rewarding when you can discuss it with other like-minded people. They might even open your mind up to things you never imagined.

LS: NeW gives women an opportunity to grow together and strengthen or challenge their own beliefs. It provides an encouraging environment for women to support and defend each other in a world that promotes competition among women.

HS: I think NeW is unique in the sense that the women of NeW DO care about women’s issues and truly want to empower women, however, our approach is very different than what you typically see in the feminist movement. Instead of telling women that they are victims, we focus on ways that women can develop professionally and learn more about current issues in order to be the best women that we can be.


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