Chapter Leader Dinner in DC

August 5, 2013 | Catie

On Thursday evening, NeW Founder Karin Agness met with some future NeW chapter leaders for dinner at Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill. Karin answered some of our questions, such as–“My school requires all clubs to have a constitution. Can you help with creating one?” Karin let us know that NeW has sample documents that it is happy to share with chapter leaders.

Another question asked was: “How can we keep up attendance during the school year when it gets so busy for everyone?” Karin suggested that we start early, create a schedule of meetings and assign a different member each meeting to lead the discussion. This provides some structure to the group and keeps everyone involved. The purpose of a NeW chapter is not to read twenty books in a semester, but to use the books for stimulating good discussion. She advised that we stick to one book a semester and allow discussion to flow naturally.

With all the excitement of starting more NeW chapters, we wanted to know Karin’s ultimate vision for NeW. She would like NeW to expand across more campuses and create a more vibrant alumnae network. She hopes to create a stronger presence of conservative women in our nation.

This dinner allowed us future NeW leaders to answer some questions and get organized for this exciting year. We hope to establish strong chapters that inspire women at other campuses to create their own NeW chapter.

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