Chapter 8 of the Online Book Club this Week!

March 31, 2014 | Alexandra Gourdikian

This week during the Online Book Club we will be discussing Chapter 8 of Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection, “Crashing Into Ceilings: A Report from the Nine-to-Five Shift”.

The feminist movement mobilized many women to move into the labor market; they assumed their new career life would be similar to that of their male counterparts.  However, while many men focus solely on working long hours and bringing home larger paychecks, women are juggling two responsibilities: work and family life. The “16% delusion” is a term she uses to explain the average number of women with top tier jobs; whether that is partner at a major law firm or CEO of a large corporation, women are stuck at 16%.  She also focuses on the differences between the set of decisions males and females face within the workforce. Women opt out of the workforce because their schedules are not conducive to the time they would like to spend at home with their children each week; males do not often face these decisions.  Additionally, an evaluation of the research regarding male and female organization skills and communication techniques within the workforce allows us to gain a greater understanding of these relations in the labor force. Finally, she encourages women to recognize the distinction between their desires and expectations and to realize they cannot “have it all” all the time!

We look forward to you joining our discussion this week!

Happy reading!

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