Chapter 8: A New Road Map for Women

March 28, 2012 | Stephanie

In the final chapter of The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know and Men Can’t Say, Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly unfold a three-step radical feminist recovery program. The feminist revolution was so successful that its principles are now part of our collective psychology and are prevalent in most women’s decisions. This needs to change and Venker and Schlafly walk readers through the necessary steps.

1) Recognize that radical feminism is founded on faulty assumptions and that it has succeeded only in alienating men and women, making them decidedly unhappy. To do this, women must ignore the drivel from the media and courageously step outside the “norm” to stand for a moral order that embraces and respects gender spheres. Warning: this could result in difficult life changes that ultimately produce confident, content women.

2) Bring back mutual respect and recognize that gender differences are real and inherently beneficial. Before the feminist coup, men and women occupied different but equally important pedestals: one for the providing hero, the other for the domestic diva. Feminists convinced women to abandon theirs and seize the man’s domain. That experiment failed, and women need to climb back onto their own pedestal and relish the privileges and power it provides.

3) Claim a set of non-negotiables and abide by them. Venker and Schlafly state theirs as follows:

  • Casual sex and cohabitation are  tickets to emotional and marital failure.
  • Divorce should be taken off the table.
  • Children deserve to be raised by their own parents, who are married to each other.

By embracing and applying these non-negotiables, women open up greater avenues of happiness and avoid feeling victimized by life or society. According to Venker and Schlafly, a new movement affirming the value of stay-at-home moms and praising men as providers and protectors is underfoot, though you might have to go off the pop culture grid to find it. When you do, you’ll discover a circle of like-minded women who are living purposefully happy and fulfilled lives.

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