Chapter 6: G.I. Janes

July 7, 2009 | NeW Staff

With Independence Day just behind us, I have been thinking a lot about those who protect our country on the front lines. Kate O’Beirne addresses the idea of women on the front lines in Chapter 6 of her book, Women Who Make the World Worse.

The chapter can be boiled down to this question: Should young women and young mothers be exposed to the dangers of combat?

O’Beirne presents personal stories of various women who have served in the military. However interesting these are, I would like to ask questions of you, readers, to see what you believe and why.

  • Is it right to fight for women’s “rights” to kill and be killed?

  • Are physical courage, aggression, and risk-taking male traits?

  • Why do feminists fight against domestic violence, but don’t raise a pinky when women die or are brutally tortured in war?

  • If men in uniform are going to be expected to be sex blind when it comes to protecting comrades, should mothers instruct their sons that it’s okay to hit girls?

  • Are parents interchangeable?

  • Physical fitness test standards are considerably lowered for women. If there were no differences, the military would not have to lower their standards to allow women. Correct?

  • Interestingly, there were no feminist protests when there wasn’t a pleasing gender balance among the 343 brave firemen who died on 9/11. Why not?
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