Chapter 5: Spoil Sports – Boys Benched

June 30, 2009 | NeW

Has Title IX done more damage than good? As O’Beirne says in Chapter 5 of Women Who Make the World Worse, Title IX of 1972 aimed for equality of the sexes in athletics. But what has happened is that now men have fewer opportunities than women.


“In the late nineties, sixteen Division I schools dropped their men’s swim teams and more than sixty schools eliminated men’s track programs.” (p.99)

On June 23, 2009, Title IX turned 37 years old. Below is the USA Today Blog Article about it:


Title IX turns 37 today

It’s been 37 years since the passage of Title IX, an event that will be commemorated today in a conference at the White House at 2:30p.m. ET. Billie Jean King andDominique Dawes are scheduled to participate.

TitleIX’s purpose is to level the field for women in athletics andacademics. It also has facilitated the growth of women’s professionalathletics, including the WNBA and WPS.

“Time will show that this is the most important law in our culture over the last 40 years,” says USA TODAY’s Christine Brennan, who will be attending the conference.

“Weare empowering our daughters through sports the way we empowered oursons for generations. I believe women will be running for presidentevery four years in the 2020s, ’30s and ’40s, and the commondenominator for all of them will be that they played sports.”

(You can follow Brennan’s tweets from the conference here. Also, the roundtable will bestreamed live on the web.)

One of the highest-ranking women in the Obama administration offers her admiration for Title IX.

“What I learned from my coaches and teammates extended well beyond the basketball court,” United Nations ambassador Susan Rice wrote in an entry on The Briefing Room blog at Rice played basketball, tennis and softball at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C.

“Beingpart of the basketball team taught me some valuable life lessons andhelped shape me as a person. As the United States Ambassador to theUnited Nations — I’m often reminded that in basketball as in diplomacy,you have to know when to throw elbows and when to show finesse.

“So, as the 37th anniversary approaches, I’m grateful for Title IX and what it means to young women across America.”

What do you think? Is Title IX the most important or most harmful law of this day? Why or why is it not important?

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