Chapter 4: In the Classroom . . . Boys Will be Girls

June 24, 2009 | NeW Staff

Do you agree that many little boys currently entering American public education are being “castrated” now that feminist philosophies of education are prevalent? Chapter 4 of Kate O’Beirne’s book, Women Who Make the World Worse, discusses the aim of feminist ideology in the education system.

“Classrooms have been turned into feminist reeducation camps to stamp out all sex differences and smother the natural attributes and aspirations of girls and boys.” (p.67)

In 1982, Carol Gilligan wrote
In A Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development. Arguing that there are masculine and feminine approaches to moral reasoning: the feminine focuses on caring and intimacy and the masculine emphasizes abstractions and rules. Down the road, Gilligan’s fellow feminists adapted the argument to social science research and firmly resolved to:

“transform education to eliminate ‘male-identified attributes’ like ‘reason and logic’ in favor of ‘feminine ways of knowing.'” (p.68)

Soon, the notion evolved that the American culture was patriarchal and silenced women – thus losing their voices.

With such a noble cause, feminists mobilized to boost the self-esteem of adolescent girls since they were “victims” of a “strangling patriarchy”. For years now, Congress and non-profit organizations have used tax-payer dollars to launch workshop upon workshop for girls and how to find themselves. However, I wonder – does this help? Since when can anyone find the answers within? What feminists have created now, as Paul Vitz calls it, is “Wonder Woman and the Wimp.” We have allowed schools to denigrate admirable masculine virtues and keep young boys quite in class by plying them with Ritalin. What happened to the academic competitions and awards? Now, all must “share” and “cooperate”. Not that sharing and cooperating are bad, but neither are competitions and awards.

In her insightful and thorough book, The War on Boys, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers writes with common sense about the fad of self-esteem workshops and the like:

“Children need to be moral more than they need to be in touch with their feelings. They need to be well-educated more than they need to have their self-esteem raised. Children do not need support groups or twelve-step programs. They don’t need to have their femininity or masculinity ‘reinvented’.” (p.77)

With the reeducation of boys also comes the reeducation of girls. Girls are not allowed to be who they want. On behalf of British girls, James Tooley writes the following in his book,
The Miseducation of Women:

O’Beirne continues to summarize Tooley’s argument . . .

“He points out that much of what society values – art, language, and morality – appears to have arisen as the result of female regulation of male behavior. Now feminism encourages girls to behave as aggressively as boys. . . ‘it is no wonder that we see a general decline in the manners and public behavior of boys and young men, who would be only to willing to be will behaved if this is what the girls were allowed to want from them.'” (p.82-83)

I don’t know about you, ladies (who are reading this), but let’s start wanting this from men!

Unfortunately, because of their entitlement and victim attitude, feminists have made women into delicate and fragile species who become offended and bruised at the drop of any comment about differences in academic achievement between men and women.

O’Beirne concludes with the following:

“Our children are neither little victims nor pint-size oppressors. They aren’t pathological creatures in need of feminist therapies. Based on their education record, women bent on politicizing our schools and waging a war of the sexes in America’s classrooms should be expelled from school.” (p.91)

Please share your observances, thoughts, and opinions. How do we now encourage admirable masculine virtues in boys and young men since they have been trained out of them? Can this reeducation be reversed? Does it need to be? Why or why not?

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