Chapter 3: The Rise of the Femi-Marxist

November 6, 2014 | Elizabeth K.

“The individual capitalist family structure is a wasteful social form, not healthy for children to grow up in, a trap for women.”
-Prairie Fire, by Bill Ayers

Since its founding in 1966, The National Organization for Women’s stated goals have been to “take action to bring about equality for all women…”

Unless of course you are a conservative…or a capitalist…

Don’t believe us? Just visit some of the sites NOW has endorsed such as Extremist? Nah.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

NOW’s “Economic Justice Initiative” – supposed to help women and minorities – is nothing more than a manifestation of the long-term Marxist takeover of the feminist movement that found its birth in the 1960’s.

The women’s rights movement has been used since its beginnings as a means to advance the revolutionary goals of a Marxist political agenda. It depends upon two things: the breakdown of the traditional family, and securing the progressive vote from women.

Progressive feminism is nothing but a transformation of American society and the transfer of wealth through government force, and they have exploited women in their cause. According to Bill Ayers, “women are at the intersection of the crisis and will fight to survive.” The left RELIES on the victimization of women to survive.

The left ignores reality – that the traditional family structure is one of the best things to have ever happened to women; that it has kept countless women out of poverty. There are more single mothers in poverty in the United States today than ever before, relying on welfare to sustain their living. This is not true independence.

A Cambridge University study found that single mothers are twice as likely as married mothers to experience financial difficulty, REGARDLESS of full-time employment. According to the most recent census, there are 4.1 million single mothers living in poverty in America.

Marriage is not enslavement. Welfare is not the key to independence, but the destruction of it. We need more than CEO positions and “economic justice” to keep us satisfied. Don’t give into the exploitation of the left.

It is they, after all, who depend on US.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why must the left destroy the family unit in order to further their political agenda?
2. Do women really experience oppression as wives and mothers?

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