Chapter 3: Hooking Up is Hard to Do

February 21, 2012 | Stephanie

Thanks to Neil Sedaka and his 1962 Billboard No. 1 song, everyone knows that “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” What they don’t seem to know is that hooking-up is even harder, intuitive though it seems. Sadly, millions of parents failed to teach their children the truth about promiscuous sex, either because they wanted to be thought “cool” by their kids or because they were afraid to make a value judgment in an area where they failed. This mentality is the product of the leftist feminine agenda and their desire to eradicate traditional Judeo-Christian sexual mores, mores that protect women not oppress them.

Feminists claim that waiting for sex until marriage is repressive and protecting sex within marriage confining. It’s odd though that the empirical data proves otherwise, as discussed in Chapter 3 of the Flip Side of Feminism: Hook-ups and Heartache. This discussion on the sexual flippancy of our culture is helpful, though most conservative women will have heard some angle of their argument. I did appreciate their very clear statement that girls don’t have sex for personal satisfaction; they have sex because they want to belong and/or be loved, a truth which ought to be universally acknowledged.

Reading Mrs. Venker and Schlafly’s discussion on sex feels like a caring chat with a kind grandmother or aunt who cares enough to tell it like it is, in spite of the feminist lies on the subject. I appreciated that they did not get bogged down in too much detail, leaving the medical facts to an appendix. I was encouraged that they concluded their chapter by mentioning the counter-sexual revolution and the desire of young girls to have boundaries. Though much has been lost, there is a glimmer of hope. Most women do want to get married, though the modern generation has found it hard to do so. Tune in next week for Chapter Four to find out why.

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