Chapter 1: Vagina Voters

October 13, 2014 | Gabriella Mahan

“That’s right, I voted with my lady parts.” – Democratic Voter from Virginia

Women are no longer a weak voice in American politics. The left has been able to turn its opponents into anti-abortion, anti-divorce, anti-birth control, patriarchal women-haters who live for destroying the rights and privileges of female citizens.  The left claims that conservatives consider womanhood a “preexisting condition,” and that they wish to send women back to the “dark ages” in terms of healthcare and autonomy. It is time for conservatives to push back with full force against the misleading accusations of the left.


Statistically, women consume more healthcare than men. Women live longer than men. Women are built differently than men. Women take part in more preventative medical services than men and are less stubborn when it comes to treating injury or illness. Many such treatments take the form of prescription drugs – paid for by insurance companies.

A 2012 National Women’s Law Center report shows that women between the ages of 15 and 44 spend 68% more on health care than men in the same age range because they are using more services. The same results were listed in an extensive study from the National Institute of Health in 2000, although they made no comment as to the causes of these differences… that would be sexist.

The healthcare industry does not discriminate against women. Women simply cost more and require more care.


Under Obamacare, women were promised lower premiums, guaranteed coverage, and the ability to keep their doctors. Period. What women got was the complete opposite:

“Premiums for women doubled, coverage was dropped completely for millions, and the doctors women liked and wanted to keep were no longer available.”

The Mythical “Gender Wage Gap”

We have all heard the myth: “women make 76 cents to every dollar a man makes in the same position.” This “statistic” came from a 2011 report from the White House just before the previous presidential election and it is misleading at best.

Equal pay laws have existed in the United States for over five decades. To name a few: the Equal Pay Act (1963), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964), and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (1972). Women in America are currently doing better economically than their male counterparts. More of us are going to college and getting hired right after college. So what causes a woman’s salary to be different from a man’s salary? The answer is simple: choices.

Women tend to choose occupations that pay less but have more inherent value. The same trend is seen in college majors. Men often choose their course of study based on financial reward while women are more likely to pursue social work, studio arts, communications, human services, and teaching. Women also take longer chunks of time off than men for child care and tend to prioritize their work schedules around the needs of the family.

“The gender pay gap is another example of keeping women in a victim-hood mentality to score votes and isn’t based in economic fact.”

Wages are a product of several factors, including time worked, skill required, safety, etc. Each industry pays based on the job, not the gender. Because women tend to choose jobs that are more flexible and value-oriented does not mean we are incapable of pursuing other professions. It just means we tend to choose differently.

Conservatives are not the only ones who recognize this.

“Jobs that expose you to the sleet and the heat pay more than those that are indoors and neat.”

-Warren Farrell, NOW Board of Directors member

“The differences in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”

-Study by the CONSAD Research Corporation for the U.S. Department of Labor

Feminists argue that women are being duped by insurance companies, by employers, and by the psychology of a sexist nation. Are they correct, or is this just another case of feminist fiction?

Discussion Questions:

1.  Are conservative women really anti-woman? How should a conservative woman respond to these accusations?

2.  What does it mean to “vote with your lady parts?”

3.  What are the alternatives to a Paycheck Fairness Act? How can we keep government out of the conversation?

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