Chapter 1: The World, The Flesh, and Feminists

February 6, 2012 | Stephanie

There’s nothing better than getting straight to the point. Mrs. Venker and Mrs. Schlafly do just that in Chapter 1 of The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say. First they debunk the myth of women’s  “progress,” accurately noting that the term is undefined, ambiguous, and “entirely subjective.” Feminists have been harping on the “oppressed woman” fallacy for so long that people in America take it as gospel truth and don’t even question the myth that women are victims–oppressed by society, their families, and particularly their husbands.

Of course, feminists think that progress for women is to be “free” from any moral or social responsibility to their families. Gloria Steinem said “We’re becoming the men we wanted to marry,” (pg 25), but what Ms. Steinem and her cronies ignore is when a man flings all familial and societal responsibility to the wind and pursues his own narcissistic good, he is considered a social pariah. Funny how that works.

Ironically, most women in America have no desire for that kind of progress and ultimately want a family to love and lean on. They know that American women are the “most fortunate in the world” (pg 14), but they wouldn’t dare admit it. Feminist poison has permeated the American psyche so effectively that anyone who disagrees with them is ridiculed, mocked, and caricatured. Thanks to our colleges and universities, network television, the publishing industry and prominent feminists, it’s becoming ever more difficult to oppose their radical leftism.

Unless conservatives women expose the elite feminist left, feminists will continue re-making America into their nightmarish vision of progress – at best a bad dream, at worst a circle of Dante’s hell. Join us next week for Chapter 2 to see what Mrs. Venker and Mrs. Schlafly suggest we do.


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