Can’t Miss T.V. ?

August 27, 2008 | NeW Staff

       I went in to work yesterday, and all myco-workers were huddled around the T.V. I figured some horrible tragedy had happened, or some crazy world record was being set, as CNN or ESPN is usually the channel of choice in the bar. However, it was the FOX coverage of the Democratic National Convention.
       Now, I work in a restaurant, so my co-workers include owners, bartenders, chefs, dishwashers, servers, busers etc., These are people with quite a range of economic situations, cultural backgrounds, ages and degrees of interest in politics. Yet throughout the night, everyone kept one eye on the Convention coverage. I was hosting, so I got to be the ear for every passing person’s stance on Iraq, health care, and the economy. It was fascinating. All of the sudden, everyone has an opinion and seems to care.
        It may be naive, but I think it is mildly refreshing to see people excited about politics and exchanging ideas about current issues. Many times these ideas are only half-baked repetitions of some advertising blurb, but at least these conversations are happening and hopefully sparking curiosity in people’s minds, not just perpetuating half truths.
        It also really struck me the way it seems politics are almost part of pop-culture. Once the Olympics aren’t on T.V., we need a replacement. If it’s not Britney or Lindsay doing something outrageous, it’s a politician with an affair. I am by no means trying to reference the McCain ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton. In fact, I wonder about the history of political leaders in the news. There have always been celebrities. However, in this media crazed age, perhaps public figures whether an athlete or a Senator, are simply more visible.
         Regardless, I will probably make a bowl of popcorn and curl up to watch Sen. Clinton speak tonight. That is, unless it conflicts with The Office on TBS.

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