Can an iPhone App Make You Happy?

May 13, 2011 | Danelle

Most people have iPhone apps for things like games (Angry Birds is highly addicting), calorie-counting, schedule reminders, and general organization or just plain niftiness (like the little color-changing flashlight app I have).

But a recent iPhone app has become available that promotes breast enlargements.

The free app is aimed at women who are thinking of getting a boob job and want to know what they would look like first – but we imagine it will be used  in all sorts of other creative ways too.
iAugment is the brainchild of US plastic surgeon Elizabeth A. Kinsley, from New Orleans, who was the first doctor to employ 3D imaging technology to show women what they will look like after surgery.

Read the article here, as it explains how the app works. Personally, this app shows everything that is wrong with our society concerning the image of women.

Not only is the app furthering an “ideal” image for women – objectifying them like Barbies with large breasts, small waists, and long legs – it is also creating a poor self-image. Imagine the wishful thinking that would occur once a woman starts playing with the app.

Thought bubble: “If I could just be 1 cup size bigger, I will look so much better”  or “If I just change this part of myself, I would be happy”

Sure, everyone considers what part of themselves they would change, but breast enhancements serve no practical purpose other than aesthetic. Furthermore, the app allows men to fantasize about changing the women in their lives further objectifying them. The article even says that men can use the app, too on their girlfriends, wives, etc. in order to encourage breast enhancements.

What message is this app sending?

Basically, it is saying that women’s happiness depends upon their physical features. The question is, how many women will buy into this? Will you?

Remember, ladies, happiness cannot be found on an iPhone app.

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