Bachelor Giveaway…just kidding

October 16, 2008 | NeW Staff

Yesterday, I posted about a Wedding Giveaway.  Today, I thought I would post something for the single women out there.  On Tuesday, the November issue of Cosmopolitan hit stores.  This issue promises “The Hot Bachelors of 2008.”  Mr. Alabama is first, so I will list his Q&A to give you the flavor of the interviews.

Alabama Bachelor 2008
Name: Lamar Ruxlow
Age: 23
Hometown: Birmingham
Cosmo Username: ALABAMA08
Occupation: Plumber
In his own words: “I’m the guy who always wants to party or travel.”
Biker boy: “I couldn’t live without my bike. I love to do stunts.”
Ideal girlfriend: “A woman who likes to talk and be around people, because I’m very social.”
Wow him by wearing: “High heels”
Sex on a first date? “Skanky”
Dating deal breaker: “Griping about past issues. I’d rather hear about exciting future plans.”
Dude behavior decoded: “If a guy wants to kick it with his buddies, it doesn’t mean he wants out of the relationship. We need guy time.”
Can a guy and a girl just be friends? “Definitely. But not friends with benefits — that will ruin things.”

While I wouldn’t call these guys the most modest guys out there, there are a few culturally conservative streaks that run through their answers.  Even some of the “hottest” guys in America like smart, conservative women and like to be gentlemen.  Many of the guys said sex on a first date was “skanky.”  Enjoy some of their insightful answers below. 

“Should women play hard to get?”  Mr. Arizona says, “Yes, it makes things interesting.”

“Can a hookup turn into a relationship?” Mr. California replies, “No.”

Dating Dealbreaker? Mr. Delaware says, “When a girl I’m seeing obsessively calls or texts me. I feel like she’s stalking me.”

Why do women?  Mr. Illinois says, “Ask guys if they look fat? I don’t understand the need for reassurance.”

Girl behavior he doesn’t get?  Mr. Kansas says, “Why do so many women go for jerks? There are a lot of good guys out there.”

What women need to know?  Mr. Louisiana says, “Guys are not always thinking about sex. That may be all we talk about, but it’s just a defense mechanism. We have a hard time talking about love and closeness.”

Girl trait he craves?  Mr. Mass. says, “Ambition is very attractive. And if we share the same ambitions, even better.”

Words that will win him over?  Mr. Nevada says, “Guys like to have their egos stroked. Giving a genuine compliment makes a huge impact.”

Dating Dealbreaker?  Mr. New Jersay says, “Smoking excessively and drinking too much. It’s very unattractive.”

When you ask a woman out do you text or call?  Mr. New Mexico says, “Call.”

What women need to know?  Mr. Tennessee says, “If you’re upset, please, just tell your guy instead of expecting him to guess what’s bugging you.”

Dating Dealbreaker?  Mr. Wisconsin, “When a girl shares her entire party history before we know each other, like how drunk she gets on weekends.”

Who is your favorite?

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