Author Interview with Suzanne Venker

April 10, 2012 | Stephanie

Last week I was privileged to speak with The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know and Men Can’t Say co-author Suzanne Venker. Chatting with her was equally enjoyable as reading her ground-breaking book.

Q: What kind of reception have you received in the last year? Have you gotten a lot of push-back from feminists?

A: You’re going to see how bad it can get and has gotten once you go to Amazon. It comes in spurts though. When “Flipside” first came out, I got a lot of backlash. But for every negative, there’s been 50 positive responses. Honestly, the negative responses only happen now and then.

Q: How have conservatives responded?

A: Feminism is interesting because it’s infiltrates the right as much as the left and it’s hard to know if they’re on board.

Q: What would you like young women in college or just out of college to glean from your book?

A: I guess the one take away would be that feminism is the opposite of what you’ve been taught to think it is. It’s not empowering, it holds you back. It boxes you in to this idea of victimization, and victimhood is the antithesis of empowerment. Empowerment is pumping someone up that they can do it, saying if you work hard, you can achieve. Feminism gives you the wrong approach, teaching that marriage is a bum deal for women, that there’s a glass ceiling at work, etc.

If you think something’s impossible, it will affect how you approach it. It’s like walking out of the house for the day wearing old nasty sweats instead of a great outfit. You’re going to take that feeling with you and project that to the world. Feminists exude negativity. They are a glass half empty group. You have to be a glass half full person.

Q: What about those who have already tried feminism?

A: I do get a lot of people asking what they can do if they’ve already made choices that were predicated on the feminist worldview, but I’m an optimist. Anyone can retrace her steps and start building a different kind of life if she really wants to.

Q: If you could go back and add anything to “Flipside”, what would you add?

A: The marriage chapter was the one I could have written twice as much of. The fact that I couldn’t hone in on marriage as much as I wanted to inspired me to write another book, which is coming out on Valentine’s Day 2013.

Q: What’s the topic of your new book?

A: It’s called How to Choose a Husband. I started writing it two years, but it ended up becoming the Flipside of Feminism. How to Choose a Husband is the book I originally wanted to write. Your generation is going down the wrong path, so I wanted to write a letter to young women as an older friend, revealing the lies and truth. I was married and divorced before and learned from my mistakes. All I want to do is speak truth, because I feel that nobody from either the conservative or liberal agenda is going to speak it. It’s wrong to keep this from young women when you can help them lead happy lives.

In close, Mrs. Venker said some very kind things about NeW:

Whenever I think about your group, I am so impressed with the young women. I wasn’t there at that age. You’re the group I’m speaking to.

Thank you, Mrs. Venker! We look forward to reading your upcoming book and hope you keep revealing the “Flipside of Feminism.”

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