Author Interview – Kendall Wolfson

July 18, 2013 | Sarah

Our NeW alumnae are doing incredible things all around the world, and we like to highlight the great work they are doing. Today, we have an author interview with Kendall Wolfson. Kendall is a double Hoo (someone who went to UVA for both undergrad and graduate work), and participated in NeW while in graduate school. She is also the author of a recent children’s book Sweet Dreams, UVA.

K and JJ

What is your book about?

Based on Margaret Wise Brown’s classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon,” “Sweet Dreams UVA” is a children’s bedtime book about the University of Virginia. Little readers join CavMan and Marquis the Mouse for a colorful tour around the Grounds of Mr. Jefferson’s University, before retiring to a Lawn Room for bedtime. The amusing rhymes, captivating illustrations, and charming characters will endear Hoos of all ages to the beloved University and acquaint them with the school’s rich traditions and culture.

Why did you decide to write it?

As a “double-Hoo” (two-time graduate of UVA) I wanted to share the University of Virginia with my son. But when he was born, we lived in New Orleans and the opportunities to return to grounds were limited. To begin to share my love for UVA with him, I looked for a children’s book about UVA, but was very disappointed with the available options. Armed with the desire to introduce my son to UVA I decided to to write a children’s book to share with my son!

What has been the most surprising/exciting thing about writing the book?

Participating in the creative process has been very exciting for me. It has been thrilling to watch my ideas evolve into a concrete story and see my words come to life through the illustrations. I relish the opportunity to bring joy to hundreds of children who read the book and have it read to them, along with the many adults who read my book to those children too.

Why do you think NeW readers would like Sweet Dreams UVA?

NeW women have many opportunities to read great books and know that a good book can bring the reader joy. Sweet Dreams UVA is the perfect book for NeW members to read to all the little readers in their lives and help introduce those children to the fun of reading. The colorful pictures, including a hiding Marquis the Mouse on each page, and the rhyming verses will keep the attention of the little one while bringing a smile to the face of whomever has the chance to read the book to them. Not only will Sweet Dreams UVA instill a love of reading, it will also introduce readers to the University of Virginia and one of America’s historic institutions of higher learning.

What value do you think groups like NeW add to the public discourse?

NeW encourages women on college campuses to read good books and to think critically about the world around them. While we all pay lip-service to the importance of learning, NeW is training women to read for enjoyment and enlightenment, not only when reading is required for a class or job. By bringing together women to inspire one another and never stop learning, NeW is equipping tomorrow’s leaders.

You can buy your copy of Sweet Dreams, UVA today. Thank you Kendall for all you do for NeW!

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