Apples & Oranges: Differences Between Men & Women

January 13, 2012 | Danelle

Greetings NeW readers! After a brief hiatus due to applying to law schools, I am back in the blogosphere.

Two of my friends passed along this article from the National Review and this article from Independent Women’s Forum at the same time, both which discuss the topic of sex differences and how radical feminists view women’s differences as negative attributes. I am here, as usual, to tell you that the radical feminists are wrong.

Don’t tell me you are surprised.

Since the early 1970s, radical feminists like Gloria Steinem have stood on a platform advocating that men and women are not different with the exception of gender-specific anatomy. Men and women regard relationships and sexual encounters in the same way, they view the world in the same way, and they deal with life situations in the same way.

As the National Review article author, Suzanne Venker, mentions, women who disagree with radical feminists on sex differences do not necessarily believe that there is no room for overlap or exception. For example, I am known to be very straightforward and spare details – typically thought of as male attributes – but that does not imply that I am the same as a man or that all women tend to function in that way. Alternatively, I have a guy friend who can talk for hours on end about one story, but that characteristic does not indicate that men are just like women in general.
Men and women as a broad group are different, and radical feminists refuse to accept that.

Why do they ignore science?

One answer is that they believe being different is negative. A more emotionally involved way of thinking about relationships, as women tend to display due to the hormone estrogen, is only something that prevents us from truly being equal. The logic these radical feminists champion demands “if men can detach their emotions from a sexual encounter, women can, too!”

Psychologically and emotionally, this ability is quite rare. The new study cited in both articles references that emotional attachment to sex exists in addition to other gender differences between men and women.

The difference psychologically between men and women does not make one gender superior to the other, though. They just exist, much in the same way an apple is different from a orange. They are both fruit, they complement each other often, but they are different kinds of fruit and taste different – no better and no worse than the other respectively.

However, if you happen to agree with radical feminists – that the psychological attributes women possess are somehow negative, you are only putting yourself at a disadvantage and holding yourself back by blaming your gender. You are equal by choosing to be equal, not because a radical feminist says you are equal or some ground-breaking study (that does not and will not ever exist) says women are the same as men.

Equality is not about being the same; it is about being different, while having the same opportunities and freedoms available in the world. Embrace your differences – they are often what make us special as women.

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