Announcing the 2014 NeW Gentleman of the Year!

April 1, 2014 | Alyssa Condrey

On behalf of the Network of enlightened Women, I am excited to announce that Ivan Yim is our 2014 NeW Gentleman of the Year!

Ivan Yim2

Ivan Yim, a sophomore at the University of Florida, has not only earned the title of 2014 NeW Gentleman of the Year, but also a $500 scholarship. Ivan, who is a Dance Marathon Operations team captain, member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and Navigators, was nominated by University of Florida student Kelsey Jordan and the NeW chapter at the University of Florida.

Kelsey Jordan, PR Chair for the NeW chapter at UF, said,

“Ivan possesses a strong, faithful character that naturally makes him a leader at the University of Florida…With a humble heart and a friendly attitude, he has demonstrated the true qualities of a gentleman and continually inspires others with integrity and respect.” 

Krystal Hernandez, President of the NeW chapter at UF, told NeW today:

“The fact that the decision to nominate Ivan as our chapter’s gentleman nominee was unanimous speaks volumes to his character. Ivan embodies the amicable, moral, humble, and responsible characteristics of a classic leader and gentleman.”

Ivan also shared with me today that:

“The Gentlemen’s Showcase is significant to me in that I was participating with other gentlemen across the nation. It’s great to see how students from other schools show their admiration for gentlemanly conduct and conservative views.”

This title is a great honor as NeW received 18 nominations from campuses nationwide, including California State University, Cornell University, Florida State University, Pepperdine University, Santa Fe College, University of Akron, University of Florida, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Yale. Over 2,000 votes were cast!

The contest became quite heated the last few days between students at the University of Florida, Florida State and Virginia Tech. In the end, it came down to students from two rival universities–University of Florida and Florida State.  David Saxon from Florida State University came in a close second place and we would like to recognize him with an “Honorable Mention” for this year’s showcase.

Congratulations Ivan! Thank you to all the wonderful college gentlemen.

You can learn more about NeW here. You can also support our Gentlemen’s Showcase campaign here.
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