An Interesting Recent Article from the Marine Corp

July 9, 2012 | Sarah

Continuing in the theme of the past few weeks of “can women have it all?” comes this interesting piece from a woman who is an engineer officer in the marine corp. She writes about the recent push to integrate more women into the infantry community. She then goes into why she thinks more caution should be used in this decision, citing the physical differences between men and women.  Capt. Petronio writes:

In the end, my main concern is not whether women are capable of conducting combat operations, as we have already proven that we can hold our own in some very difficult combat situations; instead, my main concern is a question of longevity. Can women endure the physical and physiological rigors of sustained combat operations, and are we willing to accept the attrition and medical issues that go along with integration?

The story becomes more personal as she lists the health complications she has endured because of this fact, which she lists in detail. She then wonders about the reasoning behind the moves to include more women and shows concern for the state of marine corp.

NeW has been heralding the differences between gender for a while. We think setting one standard for all can be detrimental to both genders. This article was an interesting read in something similar.

Have you read the article? What are your thoughts? Please leave them in the comments!

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