An Enlightened Woman’s Reflections on CPAC

February 26, 2010 | NeW Staff

Well, it’s been a week since we all returned from CPAC and I just wanted to give a few reflections on our time in DC. CPAC provides an awesome opportunity for young conservatives to meet and learn from some of the nation’s greatest conservative minds. Spending a weekend at CPAC is the conservative equivalent to the Oscars. It’s a thrilling time for all of us conservative enthusiasts. This is my third year going to CPAC, but this was definitely the best year. Upon returning to the University, I felt more inspired, more excited, and more prepared to be an activist at UVA. When I consider the reasons why I am fired up about conservatism, I find the most influential reason to be the time I spent connecting with NeW women from around the country. 

NeW is special at UVA, since it was founded here and is the oldest chapter. We are proud of that history, but we are more proud of just how far NeW has come since Karin began holding a book club on Grounds. Spending the weekend with NeW in DC, I realized exactly how expansive the Network of enlightened Women has become. NeW is far greater than just chapters on several campuses. It has provided common ground for conservative women all over the country and linked girls from UF, UVA, ASU, and many more schools, who otherwise would never have met. Before CPAC, I had not met many of the NeW bloggettes but I felt as if I know them just from reading their thoughts each week. I had the pleasure of meeting many of them in DC while at CPAC; such an honor! Many of us met our “NeW Letter Ladies,” the women from other campuses that we exchange letters with each month. We also had the unique opportunity to meet NeW Alumni who are still active in expanding this network. Even more exciting than this, we had the opportunity to join together as a “NeW Entourage” and cheer on our founder, Karin Agness, as she was recognized for her amazing work of creating and growing The Network of enlightened Women. 

So, a week after we’ve returned from CPAC, I remember the amazing speakers and the enthusiasm that filled the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, but I also find myself reflecting on how amazing it was to spend time with the women of NeW. We spent a weekend with our Founder, Executive Director, and many of the women who have found a safe haven in NeW. This network has allowed us to foster our conservative beliefs and become stronger leaders at our Universities. I cannot think of many other students at CPAC who had such a unique and exciting experience, but I am so happy that NeW had this opportunity. 

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