Alumna Spotlight: Jaclyn Louis

December 12, 2013 | Alyssa Condrey

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NeW alumna Jaclyn Louis.

Where and when were you involved with NeW on Campus?

I was involved in NeW from 2005-2007 at The Ohio State University. I was involved in getting the program approved and included as an official organization on campus.

What drew you to NeW originally?

I was excited to learn more about conservative theories and views and find other women looking for the same, amidst a pervasive liberal ideology in the classroom.

What was your favorite aspect about being involved in NeW?

I enjoyed meeting new women and reconnecting with old friends on a regular basis. I met some really smart, talented women in NeW and later worked with them on campaigns and other projects on campus.

What have you done since graduation?

I since went to Capital University Law School and now work as Legislative Director & Counsel for Congressman Tom Marino on Capitol Hill. I have been involved in organizing events for Republicans as well as professional women in town. I am also involved in the Junior League of Washington and Toast Masters, practice martial arts and volunteer with the Polaris Project.

How has NeW shaped your post-college experience?

It has encouraged me to question what I’m told whether it is coming from the media or opinions from legal scholars or judges. I also feel emboldened in my views because NeW opened my eyes to the fact there are so many other women who share my core values and beliefs.

What piece of advice would you give to current NeW women?

I would recommend current NeW women be bold and not feel intimidated on campus because of your views. Speak up in class when there is an opportunity to raise the other side of the story. You never know who is listening and you might actually change a few minds. Also, I think it is important to be cordial and diplomatic. So many of the talking heads who represent Republicans in the public eye come across as abrasive and it doesn’t win anyone over. Remember the old adage that you “attract more bees with honey.” If you are kind and fair, you will win the respect and trust of your peers, which is invaluable as you build a career for yourself– no matter the field.

Thanks Jaclyn!

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