Alumna Spotlight: Caroline Rushing Corazza

January 28, 2014 | Jordan Finney

Each month, NeW is proud to highlight a NeW alumna. Today, we would like to feature Caroline Rushing Corazza, a NeW alumna from the University of Virginia. We would also like to congratulate Caroline on her recent marriage!

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NeW Alumna Caroline Rushing Corazza

1.       Where and when were you involved with NeW on Campus?

I attended the University of Virginia from 2007-2011 and got involved with NeW almost immediately!

2.       What drew you to NeW originally?

I was drawn to NeW because I struggled to find like-minded peers when I first arrived at UVA. I was a traditional, conservative woman and I found the first meeting to be a refreshing experience. I had finally met a group of intelligent women who enjoyed discussing politics and career ambitions; read great, though-provoking books; and were honest about the desires we each had to one day be wives and mothers. I was hooked after my first meeting!

3.       What was your favorite thing about being involved with NeW?  

My favorite thing about being involved with NeW was the camaraderie and the controversy! I enjoyed discussing books with the women in the club because it enhanced my ability to discuss my ideas and beliefs with liberal peers and professors. Through my involvement with NeW I was empowered and gained the necessary confidence to stand up for conservative ideas at UVA. I also enjoyed the eye-rolling from feminist women and professors when they learned of my involvement.

4.       What have you done since graduation?  

Since graduating from UVA, I was hired to serve as a development officer for Young America’s Foundation. I was the second UVA NeW Alumna to move out to Santa Barbara, California to work at President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo. I also recently was married to a great conservative man I met on the West Coast and I am enjoying the responsibility of being a wife, despite what the feminists say about that!

5.       How has NeW shaped your post-college experience?  

Had I not been involved with NeW, I never would have realized my passion for conservative ideas. It was through my work with the organization that I discovered my desire to help reach young people with conservative ideas. I am proud to work for Young America’s Foundation because we are training up future conservative leaders through our conferences, seminars, campus lectures and programs, and the preservation of Rancho del Cielo. I attended YAF’s programs and spent a summer interning there while I was leading NeW at UVA and I knew I wanted to make a career within the Conservative Movement.  Now, I love meeting NeW women at our conferences and seminars in California!

6.       What piece of advice would you give to current NeW Women? 

Don’t be afraid to stand for truth in your classroom and on your campus. You never know who in the room will be impacted by your words. Sadly, some of your peers will go through all four years of college without ever hearing a conservative idea as articulated by a conservative. You could be the person who inspires them to reevaluate their beliefs.

7.         What was your favorite book on the NeW Book List

I have two favorites on the NeW reading list: Letters to a Young Conservative and Taking Sex Differences Seriously.

8.         What is one of your favorite memories from being a member of NeW? 

My favorite memory was standing outside in the freezing cold during UVA’s V-Day celebration hosted by the campus feminist group, Feminism is for Everyone (FIFE). We decided to hand out homemade cookies to each person walking in to see The Vagina Monologues. On each baggy of cookies we attached a little message that promoted mutual respect between men and women through chivalrous behavior. FIFE was furious with us, so they sent one of their male members out to shame us away from their event, but he ended up standing outside talking with us and eating cookies until the curtain call.

Thanks Caroline! 

If you are a NeW alumna and would like to get more involved with our growing NeW Alumnae Network, please let us know your updated contact information so you can receive regular Alunnae NeWs and invitations. You can also email Alyssa with any questions.

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