Adventures in NOW Land

July 22, 2008 | NeW Staff

This weekend, I attended the National Organization for Women (NOW) National Conference.  I was really interested to see what they thought were the major problems facing women today.  I thought there might be some room for unity.  My conclusion is that NOW has lost its direction and is grasping for an enemy.  Women have achieved so much, yet NOW focuses on the negative and they find negative almost anywhere.  NOW’s biggest achievement, it seems, is that it has taught a generation of women how to find sexism, oppression and misogyny almost anywhere.

I wrote a column on my experience for, which is entitled, The Villains of Victimhood.

Also, here are some pictures.  Here is the program cover that I wrote about in my article.

Let’s start with the t-shirts that were offered for sale.

Pretty clear agenda here.

Who knew Paris Hilton would come up with a slogan for feminism?

No comment.

Want a bumper sticker?

You can see what books NeW is reading by looking at our book club webpage.  What do NOW women read?  They read books such as Hooking Up: a girl’s all-out guide to sex and sexuality.  They also read tofu cookbooks together.

There was formerly a picture of a woman getting petitions signed here, but that has been taken down because some people misinterpreted its meaning.

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