A Surge in Pay Gap Conversations

May 7, 2012 | Sarah

Over the past few weeks there has been many more conversations about what is commonly referred to as “Pay Gap.” The pay gap is the perceived difference in pay between men and women in the work place. Typically this is presented as women earning 77 cents to every dollar men earn. The Pay Gap has now been added to the War on Women rhetoric used by both major political parties.

Today, the Obama administration released a infographic called “The Life of Julia.” It shows how the government will be making a woman named Julia’s goals possible throughout her life. At age 23, the slide says:

Because of steps like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Julia is one of millions of women across the country who knows she’ll always be able to stand up for her right to equal pay. She starts her career as a web designer.

However, many are arguing against the conclusions drawn in the Pay Gap discussion. Two NeW authors have both spoken against it recently. At the end of April, Kay Hymowitz (author of Manning Up) wrote an article called “Why Women Make Less than Men“. Hymowitz argues:

The main reason that women spend less time at work than men—and that women are unlikely to be the richer sex—is obvious: children. Today, childless 20-something women do earn more than their male peers. But most are likely to cut back their hours after they have kids, giving men the hours, and income, advantage.

And today, Carrie Lukas (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Sex, Women and Feminism) wrote an article entitled “‘Paycheck Fairness’ Will Mean a Paycut for Men” that spells out the potential problems with programs like the Paycheck Fairness Act:

Feminists have long wanted enlightened government officials, rather than the indifferent market, to determine salaries. Information collection and government-compensation guidelines today could easily become regulations and mandates tomorrow.

Such meddling would be disastrous for the economy, but men particularly should be warned: Bureaucrats micromanaging compensation standards will mean many male workers should expect a pay cut.

With the conversation focusing so much on the Pay Gap, what do you as a NeW reader think? Let us know in the comments!


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