A Look at the Top 4

March 30, 2010 | NeW Staff

And so our quest for campus gentlemen comes to an end tonight at midnight. What a journey it has been!  It’s not too late to get your votes in on NeW’s Facebook Fan Page.  May you be encouraged by young people who are making a difference on campus and promoting mutual respect between the sexes!

Let’s take a look at this year’s top 4 gentlemen….

Our first comes from Rachel at the University of Kentucky nominating her boyfriend Jack.  What makes Jack a real gentleman?  He came to a NeW meeting this year, provided each woman with a flower as she entered the room, and shared his insight on how girls can find the true gentlemen on UK’s campus. He even built a trench on Rachel’s family’s farm.  Watch the video on NeW’s page to prove it!

Next, we have Bo from the University of Florida nominated by his sister Carrie. What separates Bo from the rest?  Carrie says,

“He has always treated every girl he comes in contact with the respect that we all deserve, while never thinking too highly of himself or treating anyone unfairly. He leads by example for all men his age and gives me hope everyday that gentlemen–TRUE gentlemen are not just characters in Cary Grant films wearing nice suits but real, humble, selfless, well mannered men who most importantly see that the betterment of others as their main priority.”

Then there was the vote from the “smallest school” NeW at King’s college nominating Steven via video.  Steven was quick to open doors for ladies (watch the video for evidence).  He also walked a fellow female student to the New York City Subway one night when it was late.  He said, “Both ladies and guys need to show care for other people.”  Even in the hustle and bustle of the city, Steven finds it important to be a gentleman in his actions and words.

Finally, the dark horse of the Showcase, David entered into the competition late but not without force. David’s sister Melanie says,

“While the sweet things David does are special and endearing, it his quiet strength and his penchant to do right and treat others with kindness that make him a genuine gentleman. Never have I seen David demand respect. He doesn’t have to; he earns it by the way he lives his life. David is direct and communicative, yet kind and loving at the same time.”

These are four young men on college campuses who are making a difference.  They are treating others with respect and dignity and provie hope that the elusive campus gentlemen DO exist.  Help us crown our winner tonight and honor those on college campuses who are acting in ways that deserve our recognition. 
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