A Gentleman’s 30 Days

March 31, 2010 | NeW Staff

As many of you know, NeW’s own Holly Carter wrote about Nick Waters and his quest to understand the female mind by undertaking quite the task.  He was going to watch 30 preselected chick flicks in 30 days ending on Valentine’s Day.  Holly’s post was titled Can Chick Flicks Make Men More Sensitive?  

Nick’s journey was documented by twitter and through an in-depth website ( that included his day-to-day movie selection and his concluding thoughts about the movie.  His mission was covered by many local newspapers, blogs, The CBS Early Show and even got picked up by Fox & Friends on FOX News.  

Nick Waters even joined in Gentleman’s Showcase Twitter conversation.  When asked what chick flicks had “strong” male leads, he responded, 

“‘Strong’ (male characters) is a subjective term; I think of strength as self-confidence, but not arrogance… I also think ‘strong’ men are reliable, yet they can be humble enough to rely upon others in times of weakness.”  And when Nick was asked what he thinks defines a true lady, he tweeted, “Wow! Great question… a ‘true’ lady is beautiful first in character, and second in the way that she carries herself. A true lady doesn’t need to tell you that she’s a lady, Margaret Thatcher said that. A lady is complemented by the gentleman that she chooses to allow to love her. The whole completes the halves.”

Wow, “a whole completes the halves.”  That is crazy talk in a society where women are taught they don’t need men, and women can exist autonomously.  Men and women complete each other.  There is a reason why so many women love “chick flicks” and men love “war movies.” It is even explained in the categories “chick flicks” and “war movies.”  My brother camps out in front of the TV on holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day and even Independence Day because he loves to watch the endless hours of blood, bombs, and battles.  I, on the other, would rather watch dust collect.  

Men and women are different.  Nick Waters, chick flick voyager, has made a difference in the lives of many.  He is a true gentleman because he respects women and men for their unique characteristics.   

Check Nick Waters out on YouTube!     
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