A Gentleman Sighting

February 15, 2012 | NeW

By guest blogger Alyssa Richardson

Did you notice any gentlemen this Valentine’s Day? One of my roommates came back from grocery shopping on Valentine’s Eve with an exciting story to share. While in line at the grocery store she spotted a college aged guy [who we will call John] with a bunch of red roses. Another friend of the guy spotted him and asked “Oh [John] who are the roses for? Do you have a Valentine?” To which John replied “No, but I have some friends who are girls without Valentines and wanted to get them a rose so they know they are special.” As this story was told all of us females replied with “Awwwww,” “How thoughtful and sweet!,” and “Where have guys like this gone??” If only my roommate was able to meet this John we would like to nominate him for the NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase.

Beginning March 1st, anyone can go to NeW’s Facebook Page and nominate a college aged gentlemen who they believe still represents chivalry and respects women. You can post either a video, photo, or note until March 31. Let us know about the men in your life who prove that gentlemen are not an endangered species. I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

Alyssa is a senior at James Madison University and founder of NeW at JMU. Her nomination in last year’s Gentlemen’s Showcase won her boyfriend the title of NeW Gentleman of the Year.

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