2014 National Conference Award Winners

July 16, 2014 | Karin

Award Winners

The Network of enlightened Women would like to recognize the following individuals and universities for their excellence in advancing the mission of our network!  The following awards were announced at this year’s National Conference in Washington, DC. 

NeW New Chapter of the Year: American University

“Our chapter was extremely proud to receive the NeW New Chapter award. Personally, I was so happy that all of the hard work that our NeW chapter members, leaders, and supporters contributed has been recognized. Winning this award has given us the confidence to continue working hard to restore conservative principles on our campus.”

NeW Chapter of the Year: University of Florida

“Receiving the recognition as the Network of enlightened Women’s 2014 Chapter of the Year has been an incredible blessing. Each woman on the University of Florida’s NeW Executive Board has worked diligently to awaken a new sense of conservatism on the University of Florida campus. By spending weeks tirelessly campaigning for the Gentleman’s Showcase, flyering in the sweltering heat of the Gainesville sun, and preserving through seasons of difficulty, the women at the University of Florida NeW Chapter have proven to me what it means to be a truly enlightened woman. As Vice President, it is my joy and honor to share this award with all of the women in my chapter who will continue to persevere and educate others in the name of positive conservatism.” (Amy Sapp)

NeW Woman of the Year: Kara Bloomer, NeW Alumnae Network 
“Washington, D.C. is home to political big wigs and all the top movers and shakers in the country. As an engineer and mother who is putting her husband through law school, I found DC’s fast paced environment quite intimidating. I’ve been there before, but somehow attending the NeW Conference this year was a challenge for me. Everyone I spoke with was so accomplished and involved in current events and organizations I felt both excited to be surrounded by these women, but also inadequate. When I heard Alyssa call my name for this award I couldn’t believe it. How could someone like me receive an award like this? Looking back I’ve realized that this is the beauty of NeW. It empowers and supports women in every field, location and life circumstance. I’m so grateful to be a part of an organization that encourages women like me despite their roles in life, be it politician, or engineer, mother or sister, student or professional.”

Enlightened Woman of the Year: Krystal Hernandez, University of Florida

“It is always very special to see your efforts being recognized, but when they’re being recognized by an organization that you love and strongly believe in, the feeling is invaluable. It’s a very gratifying and humbling feeling.”

Congratulations to our 2014 National Conference award winners!




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