Young People, Jobs and the Economy

by Karin on January 18, 2013 · 0 comments

I have enjoyed helping a number of our NeW women think about their careers. College seniors face a tough job market. Unfortunately, the job prospects for a college senior today aren’t much different than they were four years ago. I have a piece out in The Blaze on this topic:
Obama’s policies have weakened our economy, and the opportunities for graduating seniors are not getting better. Ask today’s college senior who voted for Obama in 2008 how strong their job prospects are, and their answer will be virtually unchanged to a college senior’s answer four years ago—not strong at all. College seniors faced a tough job market in January 2009 as unemployment for adults ages 20-24 was 12.4 percent and rose to 15 percent by the May 2009 graduation season. The high school seniors who watched Obama’s inauguration four years ago are now college seniors who will enter an economy that remains sluggish. For today’s adults ages 20-24, the unemployment rate stands at 13.7 percent. This doesn't give much hope to the young voter who assumed that four years of Obama would make their job prospects better.
I wonder how many college students are making the connection between their job prospects and the economic policies enacted under President Obama.Read the rest of the piece on The Blaze.

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