Women Voters in the VA Governor’s Race

by Alyssa Condrey on November 7, 2013 · 1 comment

If any of you followed the Virginia gubernatorial elections this week, the reoccurring topic is the influence voting women had in this election outcome. According to The Huffington Post,
"Women and unmarried voters played a crucial role in Democratic businessman Terry McAuliffe's surprisingly narrow win in the Virginia governor's race over Republican state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli."
The  Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund notes that single women are a growing demographic,
"Unmarried women-single, separated, divorced or widowed-make up over 25 percent of all voting age Americans and are one of the fastest growing demographic groups in America."
As reported by Fox News, unmarried women voted "for McAuliffe by a wide 67-25 percent margin." Why? According to an article by MSNBC, Women's votes help Terry McAuliffe eke out a win,
Planned Parenthood’s political action groups, both nationally and in Virginia, poured millions of dollars into the race to “Keep Ken Out,” with TV, radio, and Internet presences. The organization’s president, Cecile Richards, argued that “so-called ‘women’s issues’ have flipped a switch for voters,” calling it “the new normal.” The organization hopes to replicate its strategy in Virginia in a race widely anticipated to be much tougher: Wendy Davis’ 2014 gubernatorial bid in Texas.
Will a woman always be identified with voting according to her reproductive rights?  Should national organizations, like Planned Parenthood, be involved in state politics? Why the difference in voting outcomes between married and unmarried women? 

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Julianne Condrey November 7, 2013 at 2:36 pm

As someone who was in the front lines of the campaign, that although Cuccinelli lost the young unmarried women vote, the most shocking responses from women were those over 55 years old. Their comments were vitriolic as they accused Cuccinelli of single-handedly “setting women’s rights back 100 years”. Their faulty logic was based on even faultier information on not only what Ken has done in public office and had hoped to do as Governor, but their lack of understanding of how government works and what is even feasible for that office to accomplish. Ken’s opponent was well aware of what is possible within the framework of the Governor’s office, but chose to distort his ads to promote anger and emotional responses from his targeted demographic. Thus the Democratic refrain of the Republican “war on women”, which ironically has been proven to exist more within Democratic ranks than not. It’s also worth noting that the Democrats purposely made social conservative issues a focal point of the campaign, even though they were never the main focus of the Republican campaign. It was by design, as the Democrats knew they would incite anger and emotions that they could then harness.

During the campaign I met an amazing woman who was in the higher echelon of Planned Parenthood. She knows how they think, how they function. She was one of them. And then God, in His infinite mercy and love, touched her heart and she accepted forgiveness, and forgave herself, for the abortions she had personally, as well as those she encouraged. She is now actively pro-life, and she was a terrific champion for Ken during the race. As she shared her testimony she explained the stats we’ve all seen – 1 in 3 women will have an abortion. With that comes tremendous guilt. In order to assuage the guilt, many of those same women will fight tooth and nail to make it ‘acceptable’ in society, as she herself had admitted doing. Her theory is that if more women learn about forgiveness in Christ, they will be less likely to fight to preserve the wicked industry (for it is an industry) of human slaughter.

Having never been a staunch pro-life activist, it was with trepidation I began confronting the lies and misinformation gushing from the pro-choice activists, my mind always reminding me that but for the grace of God, I could be in their position. However, after meeting this wonderful pro-choicer turned pro-lifer, and the more I heard the lies, the distortions, and the outright depravity and lack of natural feeling from pro-choicers, the more I recognized that standing up for life was the right thing to do, come what may. It’s just a shame that women fell for the lies and distortions (fyi, a governor cannot ban abortion or for that matter, contraception, even if he wanted to).


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