Women v. Women on College Campuses

by NeW Staff on October 9, 2008 · 0 comments

Last night, I just happened to be flipping channels and stopped on Lipstick Jungle.   I had heard about it and so stopped momentarily, long enough to find out that one of the main characters wanted to sleep with a guy but he had to leave to take care of his daughter, another character seems to be involved with a guy half her age and a man died.  Quite a lot of drama for the short segment I watched!

Anyway, Reader Marnie sent me an article this morning that I missed in the Wall Street Journal, Lipstick Jungle.  It is by Ashley Samelson, director of development at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.  She compares her college experience at Tufts to that of moving in her sister to Hillsdale College.  She makes a valuable point,

"Contrary to the feminist narrative about men being responsible for the oppression of women, nearly every instance of female misery I encountered at Tufts seemed to be instigated initially by another woman. My junior year, a controversial joke about rape was published in the student humor journal while a woman was editor in chief."

Women are tough!  Not just on ourselves individually, but also on other women.  I have heard many successful women say their biggest challenge was their female opposition.  Too often, we not only take things personally but also attack others personally.
Samelson describes a "gossip pact."  While tough to uphold, it is a worry endeavor.

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