Why the Left Rules

by NeW Staff on February 6, 2009 · 0 comments

I wanted to take this opportunity to call your attention to a commonly practiced form of bias so ingrained in our culture most people barely notice it. Unfortunately, if you do not fall into the category of the majority, you feel the painful effects of this discrimination every single day. I know I do. I felt it in my left shoulder this morning as I furiously scribbled notes in class, awkwardly twisted and trying to see the board.

No, I'm not talking politics. It's Friday, so I thought I'd stick with a light-hearted post. If you are one of the  blessed 8% of women who are left-handed,  you  already know what I'm talking about. We live in a world structured entirely for people who operate in the exact opposite way we do.  Right-handed people just
assume everyone is just like them. Desks, notebooks, scissors, can-openers, handshakes: all on the right side. 

There are some theories that having to adapt to unfriendly surroundings is one aspect of left-handedness which give lefties an
edge. This definitely appears to be true, as proportionally, lefties hold their own in many arenas. Four of the last five Presidents were left handed (so was recent Republican nominee Sen. McCain). Here are a few more lefties you may have heard of: Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, Mahatma Ghandi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin. So, lefties can lead. But are they creative?  Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Chaplin, Beethoven.

I could go on (Bill Gates, Oprah, Babe Ruth), but I think the facts speak for themselves:
1. A little discrimination can produce a lot of character.
2. We left-handed women have been given a rare gift. With that gift comes a clear mission to contribute something great to the world!

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