Why NeW Women Are Proud Reason #8

by NeW Staff on September 29, 2009 · 0 comments

Kathleen, Former UVA NeW President:

"I heard about NeW just before I left for my first year of college at UVA.  My dad read about Karin and her organization in The Washington Times and encouraged me to check out the group when I got to school.  When I got to UVA, I met Meredith, the NeW President at the time and I was really excited about joining the club.  Since then, I've had the opportunity to serve as president and have been so proud to be a part of NeW.  It has given me the opportunity to develop and articulate my beliefs as a NeW woman.  

At UVA, we have hosted several events to enlighten the student body and greater Charlottesville community about the failings of modern feminism.  My first year, we hosted a debate on the legitimacy of Women's Studies departments on college campuses.  Last fall, we hosted Dr. Miriam Grossman who explained the biological differences of men and women and also the dangers that women face in the hook-up culture.  In addition, our regular meetings offer women the opportunity to voice their opinions about current social issues on Grounds in a way that develops and encourages beliefs that are normally belittled on a liberal campus."  

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