Why NeW Women Are Proud Reason #5

by NeW Staff on September 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Rachel Kopec, President of NeW at UF

As NeW prepares to celebrate its 5th anniversary across the nation, NeW at UF is celebrating its 3rd year on campus. I've been involved in NeW a little over two years and have grown to love the network of women involved. It became apparent to me during our weekly meeting last Thursday how important NeW's mission is. We discussed the popular study about women's happiness(Blue is the New Black).

In case you didn't know, our happiness has been on the decline since 1972 (coincidence that this was the pinnacle of the radical feminist movement, I think not). As our group threw around ideas as to why women are unsatisfied, one topic that surfaced was the dating culture. We lamented the hook-up culture where men no longer take the lead, sex is expected after a few dates, and chivalry is dead. Hmmm, the sexual liberation movement doesn't seem so liberating. However, it is important to note that men aren't entirely to blame because, after all, women set the standard as to how they are treated.

Suddenly, our normal weekly meeting transformed into a support group of "enlightened" women who hold each other to a higher standard. This is what the Network in NeW is all about. And this is why I am proud to be a NeW woman, working to shift the cultural norms that resulted from radical feminism and affect our relationships, families and happiness.

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