Why NeW Women Are Proud Reason #10

by NeW Staff on October 1, 2009 · 0 comments

I had the privilege of meeting with some of the NeW officers at the University of Florida this morning. What a talented group of women! It's so encouraging for me to see how NeW at UF continues to grow.  In 2006, a few friends heard about NeW, thought it was needed, and then got working to bring NeW to the campus. We had no idea what a powerful movement it would become!

Now, three years later, all of the UF founders have graduated, but NeW is still thriving on the campus. When I gave my first speech at our first meeting ever, this is the vision I laid out: 

"Think for a moment, how great it would it be if NeW became the group on campus that other students and professors recognized as intelligent, courageous, and caring women? What if we became the group that turns heads because of our dedication to what we believe? Instead of sitting and letting others dictate how UF women are viewed, we take direct action. We are passionate and influential. We are respectful. Our attitudes extend beyond ourselves. These are our goals, and we hope you will become a part of this NeW movement. We are excited for the potential that this year has in effecting conservative change, and we want you to feel that excitement as well."

Thanks to the dedication of our NeW leaders and the support from NeW, Inc., I believe NeW at UF has become just what the first officers envisioned.  The women on our campus were looking for a group like NeW-one that encouraged women to pursue their passions, to stay true to their convictions, and to challenge the status quo. NeW at UF has become and remains an active and supportive community of culturally conservative young women.  I'm proud to say I'm a NeW woman, and I'm daily grateful for the opportunity to learn from so many young women working so hard to defend their principles and beliefs.

From Left to Right: Christina, Jessica, Rachel, Holly, Hillary, Elizabeth. Go Gators!!

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