Why NeW is Growing at UF

by NeW Staff on October 2, 2008 · 0 comments

This semester NeW at the University of Florida has witnessed tremendous growth. We have had close to 30 members at each of our first two meetings. Embarking on our second year of being an organized group on campus, this exciting enthusiasm for NeW has led me to consider what factors have influenced the influx of membership and interest. I think it really is a combination of several factors.

First, you can’t deny the influence of the election, particularly the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President. On a liberal campus, conservative students right now feel bombarded by the active campaign efforts targeting liberal students. These students are seeking a community of like-minded individuals, and NeW provides just that. And you can’t deny the excitement for conservative females with Palin now on the ticket. It’s hard for us to get our members to stop talking about the impact Palin has had on this year’s election.

Next, I would attribute this year’s success to the real substance of NeW. The group is more than just a political group, but it is a forum that embraces and encourages enlightenment. Women come to our meetings with a desire to learn, and through discussion of issues and ideas, we provide an environment that fosters education. We also work to educate ourselves members on important principles of conservatism, and I have seen how so many are hungry just to learn what it really means to be a conservative. We are building a strong foundation. But our group doesn’t stop with learning, we encourage social interaction to develop a true network of likeminded women.

Finally, we have learned how to target groups and people specifically in our advertising efforts. This semester, I announced at a College Republicans meeting. We created eye-catching flyers and posted them all over campus. We tabled at our student organization fair and talked to women individually. We created a facebook group for our first meeting and offered free pizza. We also talked to friends and encouraged them to come. Personal invites always are always much more influential.

It is exciting to see the presence of NeW grow on our campus, and I’m excited both to contribute to this movement and to watch it expand!

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